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My God

I have a view of who God is. You have a view of who God is. Everyone has a view of who God is, even if they don't believe there is one. Each view may vary a bit from the other. Sometimes it's due to life circumstance.

Many years ago I was going through a rough time in life. My marriage was falling apart, I felt alone physically and spiritually, I was making life choices that were not God honoring. It was a mess! I went to a prayer meeting one night for the sole reason to get out of the house and not have to be around Amy. Get reason huh?

I was feeling alone and distant from God. Of course, it wasn't Him that had moved in our relationship, it was me. That night, a wonderful man of God showed me how close God still was to me and how much He loved me. The man never said a word, he just sat by me in my distress and placed his hand on my knee. As a loving father would to a wounded child when words cannot fix the pain. Through that gentle touch I saw a picture of who God is. He is a God who is close and faithful. Full of love for His children. Even when His children aren't close, faithful or even deserve love. He just wanted me back!

God is revealed in different ways to us throughout the Bible. He is the very Creator of heaven, earth and you. He is the same God that was then revealed to us as a precious baby in human form. He then is shown as a brilliant light of rainbow colors, flashes of lightening and rolls of thunder! (Revelation 4)

Maybe today you need the gentle touch of our God. Maybe you need to experience the strong right hand of our Warrior God. Maybe you just need to remember that He is near and not a distant God (one that wants a personal relationship with you). Wherever you may be in this, just remember... It is the same God. A God who is powerful, yet approachable. A God who wants relationship with you.

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