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Love is shown through a plate of waffles

6/02/2011 11:27:00 AM
My wife showed me one of the simplest yet greatest snapshots of who Jesus is today.

The day started like this...
Today is her only day off.
She woke up an hour and a half before me.
I woke up very late.

Needless to say, she wasn't real impressed by my morning behavior, and rightly so. I saw she was on the east side of miffed and so I quickly apologized and got busy on the work that I needed to do today. An hour later, she very sweetly comes out and hands me a plate full of waffles with syrup! Without saying anything, she serves me and shows me that she loves me.

I saw such a glimpse of Jesus in this act. How often do we do something that causes our Savior (or Saviour if you are in Canada) to shake his head and not be overly pleased with our behavior and actions. We call this sin. The right step for us to take is to repent and turn towards our faith in Jesus, to get back to work. Jesus then does this amazing thing, he forgives us and gently shows his love for us. Like Amy serving me waffles and showing me that she loved me even though I had wronged her, Jesus (to a much greater extent) does the same with us.

Two thoughts on this today: First, is there something you need to repent (ask for forgiveness) for today? Don't delay, ask Jesus for forgiveness right now. Second, do you need to show love to someone who has wronged you? Even if they may not have asked for forgiveness, you need to show them the love of Jesus today. How are you going to do that?

Thank you Amy for showing the love of Jesus to me today and teaching me a very valuable lesson. You continue to amaze me.
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