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God's greatness

2/21/2011 09:23:00 AM

I had the privilege to hear Pastor Brent Kimball rock the Word if God yesterday at Inspire Church of the Skagit Valley. He spoke in the greatness of God. Like he said starting out...where do you start, where do you go from there, and how do you ever end when talking about the greatness if God. Psalms 145:3 says that His greatness no one can fathom.  So this is a big topic.

Pastor Brent used space as such an awesome illustration of God's vast greatness. How we know so little about so much. The fact of the enormity of space and that God spoke it into existence.  God's greatness!

It struck me, and sadly I may not be the only one this is true of, that I can totally believe God spoke all if that into existence and yet fail to trust Him for the everyday stuff in my life.

I realized yesterday that I have fallen into the horrible trap of thinking that God is just a distant God. Still all powerful and full of greatness, but just not for my needs.

I have repented of that sin.

So I see again today that "Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable." Even in the smallness of my life and its decisions.

Where do you need to grasp His greatness in your life?

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Strange Obedience

2/09/2011 08:25:00 AM
Ever feel like God may ask you to do something that just doesn't really make sense? Something, that to us, may seem like it would go contrary to what would be best for His kingdom. What is our normal response to this request of strange obedience...yep, we go do what we think is best.

I started thinking this today after reading Mark 1:40-45. This leper comes up to Jesus and asks "If you will, you can make me clean." Jesus is moved with pity, stretches out his hand, touches and heals the man. Of course the man is excited. His life has just been given back to him. Not just his physical life but his social life. Lepers were not high on the social invite list. They had nothing and were viewed as nothing. Jesus restored everything to this guy.

Now we are faced with the strange obedience request. Jesus tells him to go and present himself to the priests and offer his cleansing as Moses commanded, as proof to the priests. Ok, that's not so odd.

But the part that Jesus said just prior to this is the interesting part. Jesus tells the man "See that you say nothing to anyone..."

"What? Seriously? Say nothing about what just happened? You just gave me back my life and You want me to say nothing about it? Jesus, I'm not sure that is really what you meant. I will be helping your cause if I tell people." Maybe these were the thoughts that were rolling around in his head. Maybe he was overrun by the excitement of what just happened and didn't hear what Jesus said not to do. Whatever the case was he went and told everyone and this really made troubles for Jesus.

Mark tells us that at this point Jesus could no longer openly enter a town. He had to stay out in desolate places. Sure, people still came to Him by the thousands and extraordinary things were done, but this man still did not walk in this request for strange obedience. God is still in charge and this didn't shock Him, but who knows how this may have changed history. Maybe there was just that one person who didn't make it out to the desolate places to see Jesus. Maybe they missed that face to face encounter with the very Son of God. Just because of one mans actions.

What are you being asked to do that looks like strange obedience? What is God asking of you that just doesn't seem to fit when we view it with our earthly minds?

Let's discuss this. I'd love to hear from you.

What could have happened had this man obeyed?

What is holding you back from strange obedience?

What may happen if you do or don't do this obedience?
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The revealing of Jesus

2/08/2011 11:02:00 AM

As we looked at Ephesians 3:8-13 on Sunday, we had a great group discussion. So much wisdom was presented and God was really working on our lives.

We were given two questions to talk about around our tables. "How does the church reveal Jesus? and How do I reveal Jesus?"

There was a lot said about how the church is revealing Jesus and much about how it isn't. Agreed, there is work to be done in how the church reveals Jesus, but I believe that all hope is not lost. We can become the church that Jesus envisioned when He created us. There were many practical ways given that we can be the church and reveal Jesus to the world. Giving of our time, loving people like no one else can, taking care of our neighbors and actually speaking the name of Jesus not just living the life.

But there was one answer that I really thought summed it up. It was said that the answer of the first question is truly answered by the second. As a whole, we will be ineffective if we are not individually revealing Jesus. It has to start with me and you as a person before we can expect to come together as a whole and really reveal Jesus to the world.

I want to hear your thoughts. Throw them in the comment section below.

How can the church reveal Jesus if the individual is not willing to reveal Jesus?

How can YOU reveal Jesus to the world?

How was Jesus revealed to you?

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