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The Shame of Our Nation

11/04/2008 11:09:00 PM

I believe that we, as a nation and as a state, have just chosen to enter into an era where we think it better to walk alone than to walk with God.  We have made choices tonight that will affect our nation and our state for an eternity.  You may say, "oh Eldon, aren't you over reacting?"  And my very short answer is NO!  This is not an overreaction.  We have truly decided to walk a path that is godless.  The nation has chosen a president that does not support human life, does not support the Christian faith and in some aspects does not support our nation as a whole.  Our state has decided tonight that being a part of killing over 1 million babies a year in our nation is not enough, that we should now be the second state to make killing our terminally ill a legal practice also.  Scripture is too clear about these practices for us to even think of playing with them.


As I watched many hours of internet coverage tonight, my heart became more and more heavy.  As I watched a man, that I believe will be a complete detriment to our churches and our Christian faith, stand before a group of weeping and screaming people, and promise change and say "this is our moment, this is our time" I couldn't help but weep either.  Not for joy, but in absolute sorrow.  I wept for my children who were gathered around me, listening and watching history unfold before them.  To say that this is our moment and our time, removes any hope for the reliance upon God that we as a nation must have.  We have just stepped deeper into a humanistic, "We can do it" mindset. As I read the results in regards to the choice of killing the terminally ill, I wept again. Again sensing a much bigger impact than I think we are hoping for. If this is ok now in 2008, what will be ok in 2020? Do we want to make choices that may seem like a good fix now, but refuse to look at the long term implications that are coming? Like the fact that God CANNOT look on sin. He turns His face from it. He is a pure God and cannot be a part of sin, even in the 'smallest' of ways. We have made a choice tonight to walk out from under the grace that He has bestowed upon us for a long time. A choice that quite honestly will be our death.


Does this mean we give up? Does this mean we run for the hills? Does this mean that we are done for? NO! This means we must stand. If you have not chosen to stand as an individual or as a family for the Godly standards of the Bible, than you better do it now! If now doesn't seem like a good time, I guess you could wait until it got harder to live a public Christian life, and then make the choice. Of course, if it is hard for you to stand now, it won't be easier then. Galatians 6:16-18 talks about seeing a noticeable difference in your life once you start to follow Jesus. Paul says that he carries the scars on his body to prove what he stands for…Jesus. Paul didn't just make that decision when he was tied to the whipping post. He didn't make this decision to stand when he was thrown in jail. No, he made this decision long before that. In a time that wasn't as filled with persecution. We must make our choice to stand now. Ephesians 6 tells us to put on the full armor of God. And then when that is done…stand! Folks, make the choice today to stand. Stand for Godly living. Stand for Godly decisions. Stand. We do this by being in prayer daily, asking Jesus to fill us with the power of His Spirit. We do this by then using that power, not the 'we can do it' garbage that is preached, but the "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" truth. Live your life in Christ, relying on His Holy Spirit for strength, power and guidance. Bury yourself in the Word of God. It gives life. It gives light. It exposes the lies and shows the Truth. Let the Word of God, spoken and written, be in you. Use it to judge what is right and what is wrong. Don't be afraid to make a stand. If God is for you, who can be against you? If you need someone to stand with you in truth and righteousness, I would love to stand with you.


Also. Even though this evening has brought many sorrows and many horrors to pass, we must do one other thing. Pray. Not just for the nation and state, but for our elected leaders. We must pray for President-elect Obama. Not that harm would come to him, not that at all. We must do as Scripture says: Pray for and support our leaders. Hebrews 13:1 says this. Remember that this was written during a reign of leadership that was far worse that anything we have experienced. Yet, we are told to pray for and support those leaders that God has placed over us. Scripture also says to pray for your enemies. That even means those who become an enemy of the Church. We must pray for them. Will this be hard to do? Of course. But in following God's word, we must make it our priority to pray for our new president and for our governor, who ever that may be. Even when the leader stands in complete opposition to what we believe, we still must pray. Jesus asked His Father to forgive those who just nailed Him to a cross to die. We need to cover our leaders in prayer. Pray for their salvation through Jesus Christ. Pray for their protection from harm. Pray for their families and the toil it takes on them. Pray for Godly wisdom to invade their minds. Pray!


So, I leave you with this. Stand and pray. Stand for what is righteousness. Stand for the Truth and the Life. Stand. And pray. Pray without ceasing. Pray for God's mercy. Pray for true repentance to fall on our nation. Pray.

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Learning from the mundane

10/04/2008 10:05:00 PM

Today was Jujitsu day. For the last almost year now, I have been taking Jujitsu classes from a black belt from our church. Starting next week, Bethanne and I will be taking weekly lessons from him. We are going to be going for our blue belt (the first colored belt) next month. As we were in class today, I couldn't help but pick up on more of the spiritual applications that go hand in hand with the physical applications. As we were doing a couple of new things today, I kept seeing the "little" things that we have been doing since day one. The stuff that seemed so mundane and maybe even silly or useless. Today though, I could see how all this comes together. How each move, step or even thought builds on each other to create and complete something really cool. I know that the Bible teaches us the whole line upon line, precept upon precept thing…as well as the if we are faithful with the little then He will give us more, but today it really hit home. I saw how the little, mundane or even silly things that God may ask us to do, is not just for Him to get a kick out of watching us do it, it is truly for us to learn from, to build on, to increase our faith in, and to use for the future. I like the fact that God doesn't ask us to do some spiritual black belt move, without teaching us the basics of the white belt stuff first. Now it is just up to me/us to have the faith, patience and trust in Him to know that He really does know best and that He is preparing us for the "cool" stuff later on. So, the next time God asks me to do something that I think is ridiculous, I will remember this lesson from today…God is just preparing me for something phenomenal later on. Thanks God for teaching me at the pace that is best for me, and for building on the "mundane" lessons of the past.

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Look under the sand

9/19/2008 03:16:00 PM

Thank you hurricane Ike. Not for the destruction that was caused, but by the lessons that are learned. Today there is an article about how the waves and wind unearthed a Civil War era ship that had only been partially uncovered before. Now all 136 feet of it are seen. The history buffs down there are amazed by it. They are all ready studying it and saying that they need to protect it from more damage. They want to haul this thing inside. Wow! All this history was there all along, just buried by sand over time. I think our lives can look the same. We don't like storms in our life. They hurt, rip and tear our lives up. But yet, if we didn't go through them, we wouldn't have the history or the beauty that lies beneath the surface uncovered. So, when you are in a storm, hold on. It may hurt, rip and tear you apart…but, God being who He is has something of beauty for you to see when it is all done.

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One More Lesson from the Weather

9/13/2008 10:52:00 PM

Massive Hurricane Ike weakened to a Category 1 storm Saturday morning after ravaging southeast Texas and battering the coast with driving rain and ferocious wind gusts as residents who decided too late they should have heeded calls to evacuate made futile calls for rescue.

Some 30 miles inland, storm surge pushing up through Galveston Bay was sending water into a neighborhood near Johnson Space Center where they had made rounds earlier with a bullhorn trying to compel people to leave.

Even before Ike made landfall, Coast Guard helicopters had rescued 103 people in the Bolivar Peninsula near Galveston Island, said Petty Officer 3rd Class Ayla Stevens. "Some people were on roofs, some people in cars," she said.

Though 1 million people fled coastal communities near where the storm made landfall, authorities in four counties alone said roughly 140,000 ignored mandatory evacuation orders and stayed behind. Other counties were unable to provide numbers but officials said they were concerned that many decided to brave deadly conditions rather than flee.

"Some people didn't evacuate when asked," Bush said about the tens of thousands of people who may have to be rescued. "I've been briefed on the rescue teams there in the area. They're prepared to move as soon as weather conditions permit. Obviously, people on the ground there are sensitive to helping people and are fully prepared to do so."

But the biggest fear was that tens of thousands of people had defied orders to flee and would need to be rescued from submerged homes and neighborhoods.

"The unfortunate truth is we're going to have to go in ... and put our people in the tough situation to save people who did not choose wisely. We'll probably do the largest search and rescue operation that's ever been conducted in the state of Texas," said Andrew Barlow, spokesman for Gov. Rick Perry.

"We don't know what we are going to find. We hope we will find the people who are left here alive and well," Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas said. "We are keeping our fingers crossed all the people who stayed on Galveston Island managed to survive this."

How amazing. We are still cleaning up from Katrina, and people are still stupid and even selfish enough to not evacuate when they are told they need too. The last two statements just blow me away.

We have to send our people in, risk their lives, take their time to rescue people who had a chance to do it right the first time. I like how the Governor said they were "people who did not choose wisely". What a great thing to say. It is true that they did not choose wisely when it came to life or death.

Then the "we don't know what we are going to find" statement. They are just hoping they find some people who are still alive. Someone who might have made it through the storm. Even though they had been asked to leave and had been given a chance of salvation BEFORE it got bad.

I know that these were all written in response to Ike, however, I think I have read them out of scripture in some form or another.

Church, we have to grab a hold of the depth of these statements, and choices, made by people in Texas. We have to understand them in spiritual ways. We have people around us that are not heeding the warnings that are being given. Yes, there are people in this world who are not making commitments to follow Christ, but they are not the ones I'm talking to here.

If you notice, these people of Texas knew better. It's not like this is the first hurricane they have experienced or at least read about. But, they still made the choice to not go to safety, not to get out when they could. Church, fellow Christ follower, this is too many of us. We know better, we have heard the bull horns yelling, we know where safety is, we know we must get out…but we sadly refuse, choosing to hold on and do what we want. We have been given the chance to get out of the world for a long time, but we are too stupid, deciding we will ride this one out. We CAN NOT be participants of this world and not expect to get overwhelmed by the waves of sin and the winds of Satan, not to mention all the stuff that gets picked up and flung at us. Why do we still sit, expecting that nothing will happen to us? Ignoring the warning bells. Turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the worldly things in OUR life.

Jesus said for us not to be a part of this world. Light and dark can't mix. Light is suppose to take over darkness, not become it. Are we happy enough to be un-salty? Jesus says later on, that He won't take in those who have refused to come out of the world, remember the hot and cold and luke warm thing? I know that it is tough. I don't say these things with condemnation, but with love and sorrow. I don't say this with judgment or blame, but with a burden for the church. I say these things with what I believe is just one more warning from the Creator. A warning that right now it is not too late, but we must get ourselves out, before it is too late and what we hear is not the bull horn…but the trumpet blast! Then it's too late.

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What doesn’t belong in a men’s bathroom

9/03/2008 10:51:00 PM

As I walked in I noticed all the familiar sights, and smells, of a gas station bathroom. Shocking white walls with you don't want to know what stuck to them. White tile floor that hasn't been cleaned since the Reagan era, even though the little sign on the wall said it was cleaned by someone named Ivan at 3:15 that very day. I won't describe the condition of the urinal or the toilet, I will leave that to your imagination. The garbage can was over flowing not because it was full, just because no one can possibly put the paper in the can…the floor is good enough. The mirror resembled the bible verse about looking into a mirror that gives you a bad refection, although I don't believe the author was referring to gang writing like the case was here. Then the smell…over done deodorizer to cover the other fragrances that would normally pierce your nose. All these things seemed very normal to me and so they didn't stand out quite as much as one other item did. This one thing seemed very out of place, very not at home, very different. However, my eyes were immediately drawn to it. Drawn, and then couldn't pull my eyes away from it. No, it was not a dispenser of certain pleasure items. It was a wreath. A little wooden wreath. With small flowers on it. About 15 inches in diameter. In most cases it would blend into the background, but here it stood out. It kinda shouted at me…'Help, I don't belong here. Everyone stares at me when they come in here. I am out of place.' At first I thought I should rescue the poor thing and at least just throw it in the garbage so it didn't feel so bad. Then I thought to myself (man I am doing way too much thinking in a men's room on a short trip) I kinda like it where it is. It seems to draw my attention away from all the filth and slime that is around me. As much as that poor little wreath seemed all alone in a place it didn't belong, I seemed drawn to it, almost connected. (ok, now I'm scaring myself…but stick with me). I couldn't help but think of the verse about us as Christians not belonging here on earth. Our citizenship is in heaven. We don't belong here. Aliens if you will. I started thinking (there I go again) that we should be like that little wreath in a dirty men's room. In this world of filth and slime, we need to be the ones who have something that catches people's attention. We need to be so thick with Jesus that people can't help but stare at us. We need to truly look out of place in this world. I heard someone say the other day, 'if you are too comfortable with this world, maybe you should check your address. You don't belong in this world.' TRUE! We don't belong here. We, everyone, was created for a different home. A place called heaven. My prayer is that we can look so out of place in this world, that people have to stop and stare at us. Wondering why we look out of place. Then, we need to be ready with an answer for the hope that we have. The story of what Christ did for you, and the story of what Christ can do for the world. Sadly, I think that we just blend into the world so much that we just look like another part of a dirty men's bathroom (the world) that no one sees a difference in us. Is there something that is attractive about you for the world? Is there truly something that sets you apart? Is there something that screams…'I don't belong here. Everyone stares at me when they come in here. I am out of place.' My son offered his coat to a friend the other day at a party. The friend was cold and my son had something to offer him. So he took of his coat, put it on his friend and said nothing. The friends response to this was, "that's the problem with you damn Christians, you are just too nice." Yes!! My son stood out like a wreath in a dirty men's bathroom! I'm proud. Now, it is our turn. Stand out like a wooden wreath man. Shout it out that this world is not where you belong. Show that you have something else to offer. Well, gotta go. I got some shouting to do.

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Listen…it’s God!

7/28/2008 11:16:00 AM

There used to be an ad on TV LONG time ago, I will be showing my age here in just a second, that was for a stock broker firm named E.F. Hutton. They had these ads where someone would be carrying on a conversation in a noisy restaurant and mention that their broker was E.F. Hutton. When that was said, all noise stopped and everyone turned an ear to listen to the conversation. Then this anonymous voice would say, "When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen." If you remember these ads, you are as old as me…or even older in some cases. Of course, some may not remember anything, and that is a sure sign of being even older. Sorry, I digress.

Well, I had an E.F. Hutton experience yesterday…just not about stocks. I had a God experience yesterday. I heard Him speak! And, I actually listened this time. Now, it wasn't an audible voice, instead it was through His direction into His written word, the Bible. I have been struggling for some time with a comment/command that God gave me a few months ago. I really felt that I needed to fast and pray for a week and ask God for clear direction in my life and to have vision on how to proceed. Well, I got this amazing revelation from God. Here is what He said…"Keep doing what you are doing." Now that may sound wonderful to you, but to me it was confusing. My fault, not God's. I was praying for direction and vision and clarity because I didn't think I was doing anything and didn't feel as though I was accomplishing anything, and God comes up with this bit of wisdom…keep doing what you are doing. I thought maybe God had gotten confused . 'God, I'm not feeling productive, not feeling like I'm doing what I should be doing, not really even feeling like I'm doing anything, and you want me to keep doing it.' I talked to my wife, my mentor, my board…they all said the same thing. God is right, keep doing what you are doing. Funny guys, maybe you didn't hear me the first time…I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING SO HOW DO I KEEP DOING IT! So again I ask God, talk to my wife, my mentor and my board…and again…same response. Frustrating that they all get it and I don't. Auggg! I continued to whine about it, cry about it, pour out my heart about it, whine some more about it, and seemingly nothing was happening.

FINALLY! Yesterday I was praying before our morning service and felt led to some passages of scripture. As I read them, I couldn't help but feel so overwhelmed with the fact that this is what God had been saying to me all along. See the problem was this…I WASN'T LISTENING! I don't know why. I just wasn't, couldn't, didn't want too…something. But yesterday I finally got it. I heard the voice of the One who loves me, is fond of me and created me tell me what it is that I have been doing and need to continue to do. It literally felt like a ton of weight was lifted from me. Serious. What a relief. When I got done writing down what God was saying (which I recommend doing when God speaks) I had to stand up and scream…YES! YES! YES! It was a better scream than what I did at the Spokane Shocks game the night before when they won again. (15-1, and off to the playoffs!)

I guess what I want you to hear on this today is, listen…God is speaking. He doesn't speak in code or make things confusing just to get a laugh out of it, we make it confusing. Ask the people around you, ask God for clarity, do exactly what it is He says to do. Trust Him. Walk in faith knowing that He is the One who holds the future. For crying out loud, He created the future, I think He can take care of us in it! So, if you see me anytime soon and you think, 'geez, is he ever gonna do something different. Is he ever gonna change what he is doing,' take it up with God. My job is just to obey, not make up the rules.

So, I have to go now. I need to get back to what I was doing before!

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The Future Due to Obedience

7/24/2008 11:14:00 AM

Judges 1

Many of the different tribes were suppose to drive out the Canaanites, or other tribes God didn't give the land to, but they didn't. For whatever reason they didn't do it. Some of the reasons even seemed logical (Canaanites had better weapons, more people, knew the area more, etc.) but yet the Israelite tribes did not obey God. They even tried to make it sound good by forcing them into hard labor. But not full obedience. This became a big problem for them later, as well as for us now (Islam). Had they been obedient, things would have been different, even better.

My obedience to God needs to be the same way, 100%. I need to remove all the sin in my life so that it doesn't destroy me later and so it doesn't destroy my family later. If I don't deal with these things now, my family will be dealing with them in the future. In much worse ways. Sin always grows. I must, not through my own power, ways or wisdom, but through the power of God, get rid of this sin. Allowing the Holy Spirit to do his work in my life and also listening and responding to the voice that I hear. Not blowing it off. Not trying to justify what I am doing or want to be doing…just do what God asks. Do what the voice, the one that I am certain is God's, is asking me to do. I can't put my sin in hard labor camps and expect it not to grow stronger and come back to bite me. I must let sin be killed…for good. Seeking and spending time in the presence of God…doing what I know God wants me to do and say (no matter the desires of man around me)…learning to trust that when God speaks and I obey, then my present and my future are much brighter. I need to respond to God in this manner not just for me, but for my family.

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Help from Dad

6/02/2008 10:20:00 PM
Again, I have to say thanks to my kids for the inspiration of this blog. I wonder what it feels like to be a public example all the time? Anyhow, thanks kids!

It was time to try and fix bike tires, again. We stopped by Wal Mart the other day to get new tubes for the bikes, but they didn't have an 18 inch tube in stock. So, we decided to by some green slime that stated it would do the trick. Tonight, Paul and Beth wanted to fix the tire for their 6 year old sister. They got out the slime, the bike, the air pump and were ready to go. Mom even asked, "Did you read the directions? Do you know what you are doing?" And of course the reply came back "yes!" They were out there for quite awhile when I went out to check the progress. They had the bike upside down, green slime being squirted into the tire and from a distance looked like they had it figured out. (notice key words 'from a distance'). When I went over there, they asked if I could help squirt the green substance into the tire. Wondering why they needed my help for such an easy task, I asked them if they had read the directions. Again, 'yes!' So, bending down to help, I noticed that no matter how hard you squeezed the bottle of slime, nothing happened. None went in the tire. So, looking at the directions myself, I noticed step one..."using provided tool, remove tube stem." Asking them again, they said yes, we read the directions. So, I used the provided tool and removed the tube stem. Took the green slime and easily filled the tire with the prescribed 4 oz. It was amazing how then the kids started back tracking. "Well, I must have missed that part. I didn't see that part. I thought we had. Etc., Etc." Bethanne then said, "See, everyone needs a dad."

It got me to thinking. How many times do I do that with my Heavenly Father. He asks if I read the directions (a.k.a. Bible) and I respond, some what ticked that He wouldn't just know that I already did, "yes!" Then as He watches me do an 'easy' task and make it way harder, He asks again..."Did you read the Directions?" Finally, I get to the point where I have to admit, I didn't read the Directions. When I read Them, I then see how to tackle what is in front of me, and not monkey things up on my own. God has given us the greatest instruction manual ever, all we need to do is pick it up, read it, and follow what it says. He did write the instructions after all. He gives us the help that we need, both in the written instructions and also showing us how we should do it. Like Bethanne said, "see, everyone needs a Dad."
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5/23/2008 10:16:00 PM
97 million!

That was not the amount of people that know at least 10 verses from the Bible (and use them appropriately, Nancy Pelosi). That's not the amount of evangelical Christians in the USA (that's only 79 million). And it's not how many Cokes I have drank in my life. No, that is the overwhelming number of people who voted on the David v. David battle for the American Idol title. I understand that the voting for this 'title' is not exactly the top notch voting that say the people of Florida are accustomed too, but this is crazy. Yes, people can vote more than once, but still, 97 million people had this number on their speed dial. I have no problem with some guys singing. And someone doing the American thing and make a buck off it, but I would hope that we could put this energy into something a little more necessary in telling people about our King and Savior Jesus Christ. Have we made that many phone calls to people who need the rescue of their soul by Jesus? Have we had as many conversations around the 'water cooler' about what God has done in our life as we have about which David will become our idol for the year?

Then lets move on to what the Bible says about this...Exodus 20:1-6

1 Then God gave the people all these instructions
2 “I am the Lord your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt, the place of your slavery. 3 “You must not have any other god but me. 4 “You must not make for yourself an idol of any kind or an image of anything in the heavens or on the earth or in the sea. 5 You must not bow down to them or worship them, for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God who will not tolerate your affection for any other gods. I lay the sins of the parents upon their children; the entire family is affected—even children in the third and fourth generations of those who reject me. 6 But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love me and obey my commands.

Well, I didn't say it...don't yell at me. I don't know if I would want to be the one who stands before God (which we will) and explain to Him that our claim to fame was that we were someone's idol, or to even say that I voted for an idol and talked about this idol more than I did the One I stood before.

I know I will get some stirred up about this and some will tell me to get off my soap box, but I won't...My calling is to bring the Light into a dark world...and this seems dark. I will stand with His torch held high and my head held low in humility as I do what God has called me (us) to do, and I hope that some join me. The only glory that is to be given is to God!
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5/20/2008 12:19:00 PM
"Are we there yet?" The four words that every parent dreads to hear as you drive your kids any distance. It could be a trip you have taken with them 50 times or a brand new route, but someone will always ask that question. There are times even as adults we feel that way. Hop into a taxi in a city, one bigger than Northport, and tell the cabbie that you haven't ever been here before and that you want to go to a certain address. He will certainly give you the scenic route and assure you that this is the fastest way there. The whole time you will be thinking, "are we there yet?" How about coming home from a long trip, when you are tired, miss your bed and want to get home. The one thing that goes through your mind as you travel the last few miles is...yes, you get the idea.

I was reading in Proverbs (one chapter for each day of the month) and came across this same scenario in our walks with God. It says several times throughout this book of wisdom, that God is the director of our paths. For example, in case you don't take my word for it, Proverbs 20:24 says, "A man's steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand his own way?" Unfortunately, our ways aren't God's ways and our thoughts aren't as His. See, we come into this situation where we have to realize that our paths, our steps, our travels are directed by Him. We try and try to find reason for what we are going through. Or try and try to sort out what the next few days or years will look like. Or we try and try to figure out exactly what it is that God wants us to be doing (ouch that last one hurt) and all along we are the whining little kid in the back saying, "Are we there yet?" God asks for us to put our trust in Him, follow His paths (the ones that He directs for us) and not to keep asking those four silly words.

I found also in Proverbs, this time chapter 19 verse 23, what I believe is partly the answer to this. It says, "The fear of the LORD leads to life: Then one rests content, untouched by trouble." I think that when we sit back and cry out those four words to God, we are not very restful or content. The reason is, we aren't fearing God. Fear, in this case, is defined as what stimulates us into holy and righteous living (2 Corinthians 7:1). We don't trust God for the outcome. We are more concerned with how long until we get there than to be resting contently. If we are being touched by trouble, is it because our trust is somewhere else other than in the One who directs our paths?

I have always disliked the bumper sticker that says "God is my co-pilot". Dude, no wonder your life sucks! Let Him climb into the drivers seat and take over your life. Trust in the LORD with all your heart, don't lean on your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all things you do and He will direct your path. Get rid of the things (namely sin) that slow you down. Focus your eyes on the cross. Let your life be one that is striving for holiness, which can only come when we let God control the steering wheel. Have a healthy fear of God, and stop asking, "Are we there yet?"
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Time to Act Like Kids

2/27/2008 11:00:00 AM
Our little 2 year old taught me a great lesson the other day. He was out jumping in mud puddles, running through the mud and giggling the whole time. Not a care in the world. How did I learn a lesson from that you ask. Easy...It's time for me to act like a kid. God's kid. We agree to being a child of God, but then we decide to try and act all stuffy. When our little man was out jumping in the mud, I could see the joy in him by being a kid, doing kid things. I was standing there not wanting to get muddy or wet because, well that not what grown ups do. I don't mean we should continue to act immature and not grow up, I mean that we need to live in the full freedom of being The Kings kids. It's ok for us to laugh and play...get muddy and wet...giggle like little girls (sorry girls) and enjoy being a child of the Most High God! The Pharisees tried this whole living by the law thing (not too mention making up a few of their own) and Jesus rebuked them for it. We still try the same thing by saying we have to do church this way not that way, getting hung up on meaningless arguments, and making tradition more important than the mission. Jesus said that He came to bring us life and life to the fullest (or more abundantly), so how dare we sit back and not want to live that life to the fullest. I want to restate a point I made earlier...this does NOT excuse us from becoming more mature in Christ. Paul talks about that so clearly in each of his letters that we need to grow up in maturity, leaving childish things stop only drinking milk when you should be eating steak. But it is ok for us to be kids who can have fun in our walk with The Father. It brings Him joy when we can live in the freedom that His Son gave to us. Well, I would write more, but I have some mud puddles to go jump in!
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1/31/2008 02:36:00 PM
Wow! We have snow this year. Not your little dusting every once in a while. Not your snow hard and then melt in a day. Not your snow hard and then freeze into solid ice. No, I mean real snow. Like a over 6 feet so far this year! With about 3 feet still on the ground. Man, this is good. My mind is constantly drawn back toward something God wants to teach me through whatever is going on around me. And, with this snow, it is no different. As this beautiful white stuff piles ever so deeper around me, I can't help but think of the other things that 'pile' up around me. Some not nearly as pleasant as the snow. I think of the unfinished jobs from fall. The ever increasing list of people to call. The constantly growing mountian of papers and packets of papers on my desk, in my files, on the floor, etc. I think of the people who seemingly pile up around me that are so desperate for something else in life. If you never have never looked beyond the eyes, beyond the superficial smile, beyond the small talk of those around you, start. I have really been seeing the hurt in people lately. A hurt that they won't just talk about. Not a hurt arm, head or whatever...a hurt of the heart. Too often they don't even know what it is. It is explained as... A drinking problem... A drug problem... A habit of pornography... I just want to be left alone... I was just born this grumpy way... My kids are driving me nuts... My spouse is not right for me anymore... I feel empty... or a mental illness. Here's the thing, Jesus came to heal the broken, bind up the infirmed and to set free the captive! As followers of this miracle worker, we need to have our eyes opened to the people who are pilling up around us. Maybe it's a friend, co-worker, child, spouse, or someone in the body of Christ. I believe that the people that you and I see every day are not just accidentally placed in front of us. I believe that we should work while it is day, make the most of every opportunity and love those around us like Jesus did. See, it is very simple to do. Start with a smile. Give your friend a real hug. Tell your spouse or your kid, "I love you." Reach out with Jesus to those around you, just like you would want to be reached out to if you were the one piling up around them.
Read On 1 comments

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