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Help from Dad

6/02/2008 10:20:00 PM
Again, I have to say thanks to my kids for the inspiration of this blog. I wonder what it feels like to be a public example all the time? Anyhow, thanks kids!

It was time to try and fix bike tires, again. We stopped by Wal Mart the other day to get new tubes for the bikes, but they didn't have an 18 inch tube in stock. So, we decided to by some green slime that stated it would do the trick. Tonight, Paul and Beth wanted to fix the tire for their 6 year old sister. They got out the slime, the bike, the air pump and were ready to go. Mom even asked, "Did you read the directions? Do you know what you are doing?" And of course the reply came back "yes!" They were out there for quite awhile when I went out to check the progress. They had the bike upside down, green slime being squirted into the tire and from a distance looked like they had it figured out. (notice key words 'from a distance'). When I went over there, they asked if I could help squirt the green substance into the tire. Wondering why they needed my help for such an easy task, I asked them if they had read the directions. Again, 'yes!' So, bending down to help, I noticed that no matter how hard you squeezed the bottle of slime, nothing happened. None went in the tire. So, looking at the directions myself, I noticed step one..."using provided tool, remove tube stem." Asking them again, they said yes, we read the directions. So, I used the provided tool and removed the tube stem. Took the green slime and easily filled the tire with the prescribed 4 oz. It was amazing how then the kids started back tracking. "Well, I must have missed that part. I didn't see that part. I thought we had. Etc., Etc." Bethanne then said, "See, everyone needs a dad."

It got me to thinking. How many times do I do that with my Heavenly Father. He asks if I read the directions (a.k.a. Bible) and I respond, some what ticked that He wouldn't just know that I already did, "yes!" Then as He watches me do an 'easy' task and make it way harder, He asks again..."Did you read the Directions?" Finally, I get to the point where I have to admit, I didn't read the Directions. When I read Them, I then see how to tackle what is in front of me, and not monkey things up on my own. God has given us the greatest instruction manual ever, all we need to do is pick it up, read it, and follow what it says. He did write the instructions after all. He gives us the help that we need, both in the written instructions and also showing us how we should do it. Like Bethanne said, "see, everyone needs a Dad."
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