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5/11/2010 10:40:00 AM

I love the little things that the Holy Spirit drops my way in hopes that I hear them and then respond. That has happened twice in the last couple days.

I was watching a documentary about a wheat farmer and the relation it had to the parable of the sower (Matthew 13). The elderly farmer was going through the whole process from picking the seed, sowing the seed, watching it grow and finally to the fruit bearing stage and harvest. He made a comment, almost in passing, which just struck me, "To see the fruit you can't weary and give up." Yep, in a half-hour worth of watching him talk about wheat, those few words hit me like a brick.

I know I fall into that trap of wanting to see the fruit NOW! The fruit of my own life as well as the fruit of those that I lead. I have to realize that it takes time, it's a process. That doesn't mean that the wheat seed can sit in the ground for 20 years and continue trying to convince those around it that "it's a process. It takes longer for some people." No, there is a natural life cycle of growth. The fruit doesn't come overnight, but there still has to be constant growth taking place. Otherwise, I believe that is called death. I came to realize from that farmers statement that I can't give up tilling and planting, fertilizing and praying, watering and weeding. To see fruit, however long it takes, I can't grow weary.

I am blessed to be surrounded by a great group of leaders at New Hope. Last night we were praying together and one of our men was praying for me and mentioned the story of David trying to wear Saul's armor (1 Samuel 17). He asked God to show me that I didn't need to try to wear someone else's armor for the battle that I'm in, just be comfortable with the armor that God has chosen for me to wear.

Do you know how many times I have heard this similar prayer or comment? At some point you would think I would get it. I can't be anyone else, I have to be me. The man God created. He made me the way He made me and for a specific reason. I need to be content with the armor that was designed for me. I can't move as well in someone else's and I won't be as protected either. God has designed each of us for a very specific reason, and we are the only ones that can do it.

I'd love to hear from you.

Are you becoming weary in the waiting? Have you been planted for way too long and it is time to grow?

How comfortable are you in the armor (the calling) that God has chosen for you?

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