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Lessons from the lake

8/07/2010 06:25:00 PM

Spent day one of several days on the lake today. Just a chance to reconnect with Jesus and a chance to harvest a few of the fish He created. And actually I did both today.

On the fish side of things I got 2 keepers and played a couple others. Fishing is much more fun when you are catching.

As I'm sitting in my kayak in the middle of the lake I noticed something. Paul, the Maddog fisherman, was anchored in his kayak. Happily fishing and also doing quite well. I started out close to him but very slowly I was drifting away. Not noticeable at first, but soon I realized the scenery was changing. So I would paddle back over to him and start over. Oops, same result.

Wow, in life it is so the same way. Without being anchored we just drift however the world may blow us. Not fast, not obvious but still drifting away. And it may not big huge sin issues. Could be just the way we do church, or more often...not being the church, the hands and feet of Jesus.

We are encouraged in John 14 to stay attached to the vine. Then, and only then, are we able to stay in the place God wants us to be.

Attach yourself to the Vine today. Set aside time to get to know Him. To hear Him. To learn to love Him deeper and find out how much He loves you.

How do you stay attached to the Vine?

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