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Stewarding your revelation

1/10/2011 09:24:00 AM

Originally posted at New Hope's blog

Are you stewarding your revelation? This was our topic on Sunday as we looked at Ephesians 3:1-3.

The apostle Paul had a couple revelations (Acts 9:1-7 and Acts 22:17-21).

He had a moment there in Acts 22 that he tried to convince God that he was too bad a man and therefore couldn't steward the revelation that he was given. I love it...He tries to convince God that the redemption of sins through Jesus wasn't enough! How tragic that many of us sit, without acting on our revelation, because we doubt the power of Jesus' blood.

In the story of Saul in Acts 9 we see another man, Ananias. He was given a revelation as well. His was to go to Damascus and pray for this brute of a man named Saul. Ananias does a great job of trying to jog God's memory about who Saul is. Hit man, hater of Jesus' disciples, and all around bad man. As if God forgets! As followers of Christ is it not our job to remind God of the possible hardships that our revelation may bring, our job is obedience.

But the beauty of both of these men's story was this: they obeyed God!

In fact, Paul knew that what was revealed to him by God was important enough to let it consume his life. He let it become who he was. He became a good steward of that revelation.

The keys of being a good steward of your revelation is this:

What has God spoken to you to be about? What was the word God gave you? What is YOUR revelation? We all have one.

Maybe it was the booming voice experience like Saul had or maybe it was the quiet voice like Ananias experienced.

Maybe it was to do something large and in the public or maybe it was to grasp (and live out) the truth that you are a child of God.

Whatever it is are you being a good steward?

What is your revelation? In what ways are you being a good steward? In what areas do you need to improve? Leave a comment, let's talk.

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