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Learning from the mundane

10/04/2008 10:05:00 PM

Today was Jujitsu day. For the last almost year now, I have been taking Jujitsu classes from a black belt from our church. Starting next week, Bethanne and I will be taking weekly lessons from him. We are going to be going for our blue belt (the first colored belt) next month. As we were in class today, I couldn't help but pick up on more of the spiritual applications that go hand in hand with the physical applications. As we were doing a couple of new things today, I kept seeing the "little" things that we have been doing since day one. The stuff that seemed so mundane and maybe even silly or useless. Today though, I could see how all this comes together. How each move, step or even thought builds on each other to create and complete something really cool. I know that the Bible teaches us the whole line upon line, precept upon precept thing…as well as the if we are faithful with the little then He will give us more, but today it really hit home. I saw how the little, mundane or even silly things that God may ask us to do, is not just for Him to get a kick out of watching us do it, it is truly for us to learn from, to build on, to increase our faith in, and to use for the future. I like the fact that God doesn't ask us to do some spiritual black belt move, without teaching us the basics of the white belt stuff first. Now it is just up to me/us to have the faith, patience and trust in Him to know that He really does know best and that He is preparing us for the "cool" stuff later on. So, the next time God asks me to do something that I think is ridiculous, I will remember this lesson from today…God is just preparing me for something phenomenal later on. Thanks God for teaching me at the pace that is best for me, and for building on the "mundane" lessons of the past.

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