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Learning is from the birds

I was sitting outside and enjoying my Java and Jesus time, (some may call that their devotion time, but I just have to be different) when I noticed something interesting going on at the neighbors.

No, the cops weren't involved nor was there anything really news worthy, I just noticed a bunch of birds. Little birds. Little birds who were sitting on the roof one second and then they would disappear into the gutter the next. I watched this for a while and was trying to figure out what they were doing. They would carry on in this manner and then fly off. The whole group of them were involved in this behavior. It finally came to me, they were getting seeds and such out of the gutters! They were at the Golden Coral for birds. Smart little critters, not having to go far for their food. Taking it where they can get it. But then also not staying in the feeding trough but leaving it to go do their little birdie work...whatever that is.

I believe that as followers of Jesus we need to grab a lesson from these little feathered friends. A couple things I want to point out. One is that we don't need to go far for good spiritual feeding. We don't need to go far to find good solid teaching. Every town and city has a Bible based group of believers in it. We don't need to get caught up in the flare of the next greatest teacher or movement when we are blessed to have spiritual food close by. Don't miss out on what God is doing through the local body of Christ. In the same manner, we are blessed to have this thing we call the Bible at our disposal. We are not bound by just one person hearing from God and telling us what they think, we have the ability to open the Bible up daily and read and apply it to our lives. Don't leave the responsibility of being spiritually feed to your pastor. Serve some food up yourself.

Secondly, just as the birds didn't stay in the gutter eating their food and getting fat, we are not made to sit in our spiritual feeding trough and get spiritually fat. We are to be daily fed, but then daily exercising. Our weekly gathering time (don't forsake this time!), our Bible studies (individual or as a group are key to growth), our camps and conventions (you should always try to be a part of one a year) are not designed for us to just learn from them so that we might have more knowledge. Instead, they are for us to be feed so that we might go use what we have learned to effect the world around us. Just as my bird friends got fed so then they could use that energy to go do their work, that is what our "feeding" time is for.

Third. These little fellers knew they had a job. I don't know what it was, but they did. They didn't bother telling me what their job was and they didn't bother trying to do someone else's job. They seemed content in doing what they needed to do.

So, let's get fed today. Find a devotional that you can easily read and that has you reading scripture with it. If you need some direction in this, let me know. Then after our feast of Jesus' power, let's get out the door and get to work. The world is dependent on you and I to tell and show them who Jesus is. And please, let's not fight among ourselves over our jobs within the Body of Christ. Let's just get out there and BE THE CHURCH!

Remember, Church starts NOW!

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