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Facebook and changes

Alright, I know I will sound pious and a bit self-righteous even, but here goes...

If we are really that concerned about the new Facebook changes I have to ask a few questions and make a few observations.  And I actually do want to hear your responses.  Good or bad.

Our collective American blood pressure has risen today to a new all time high.  More so than trying to watch the Seahawks actually win a game.  Facebook status updates have been abuzz about the new changes, and most of those updates have been on the hater side of things.  There is even picket signs going up on peoples walls and threats to just quit Facebook altogether.  There has been a slew of comments on each of those updates, each building on the last and working the masses into a frenzy.  Mr. Zuckerberg, lock your doors and double the guards.  You have pissed off the American people!

Now really people.  Most of you are adults (or so your lied about age says so) that are making these hater updates.  That's because the kids are still in school and haven't noticed yet.  I would dare say let's act like adults about this!  This is only Facebook after all, not real life!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love Facebook as much as the next person.  I use it for all kinds of reasons, from ministry to spying, from new friends to old.  But I am not about to get all tensed up over the changes.  I realize in my short adult years that there is more to raise my blood pressure over.  Like real problems.  Like real change.

Did you know that the national poverty level has risen around 10%  over the last 10 years?  Did you know that several million people, just in the USA, don't have an active relationship with Jesus Christ?  Did you know that there are kids in Kenya (and other places, I just love Kenya) that die by the thousands EVERYDAY just because they don't have the simple necessity of clean drinking water?  Did you know that in your very town/city there are people who don't know what true love is?  When was the last time you shared Jesus with someone?  Do you know your neighbors?  I could go on, but I'll stop with the "did you knows".

My point is this, we have so much to be about in life, and especially if you are a Follower of Jesus, that these Facebook changes should roll off us and really matter very little.  If we are this upset about these changes, no wonder there is Church division and family fights when needed change happens.

Change, for the sake of change is not always best, agreed.  However, the changes that we have noticed on Facebook today don't really count as life change.  They don't constitute getting mad and venting.  If you need to get made about something and want to help advocate change, look toward politics.  Look toward local town issues.  Look toward human life issues (abortion, health care, elderly care, etc.).  Look toward your neighbors well-being.  Look toward the little kid who needs a coat or help with school work.  Look, and please don't forget this one, toward your own family.  These are changes we should rally toward.

Please use your passion, and even anger, for the things that really matter in life.  For the changes of life that matter.  The change from the old self to the new self.  Get passionately angry about sin and the destruction it causes on a daily basis.  Use your anger and frustration wisely!

By the way, personally, I like the changes.

If you need you can unfriend me.  I believe that button is still in the same spot.

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